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Firefighters Begin Phase I of Their Annual Physicals

July 21, 2020

Cherokee County firefighters have been going through Phase I of their annual physicals since last week.  Firefighters have been reporting to the Cherokee County Fire Training Center, just south of Holly Springs, and the community room at Fire Station #21, near Airport Road, to have their blood drawn.

SiteMed, who is conducting the physicals, is a physician-owned health care company specializing in on-site firefighter physical exams for Fire Departments throughout the Southeast.

Male firefighters over 50 will also have the availability to have a prostate screening, while female firefighters over 40 will be able to have Ovarian Cancer screenings done, too.

Phase 2 of the physicals will start on Tuesday, August 4th.  Firefighters will then go through an extensive program that includes checking their height and weight, blood pressure, blood work and having their hearing checked. They also have an electrocardiogram (EKG) done and then a pulmonary function test which is a complete examination of the respiratory system.  Finally, the firefighters are instructed to get on a treadmill so their heart rate can be checked.

Keeping firefighters healthy can save money, plus, it causes firefighters to work more efficiently.

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Cherokee County firefighter, Reggie Thurmon, gives a
Cherokee County firefighter, Reggie Thurmon, gives a "thumbs up" after having his blood drawn. (click image for slideshow)