Cherokee County Fire
& Emergency Services

Construction for New Mica Fire Station to Begin Later This Year

May 15, 2020

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services will close on land sometime today that will used to construct a new Fire Station.

According to Cherokee County Fire Chief, Tim Prather, “This will be a “brand new” replacement station that will relocate the current Mica Fire Station that was built back in the 1970s.”  The current station was build years ago by the volunteers and now it is in need of extensive repair. “I have decided to route the funding that was earmarked for renovation to relocate and construct a new station.  It will be located at the corner of Yellow Creek Road and Conns Creek Road.  Those old volunteer stations were never built to be lived in and we would have had to modify that station several times to accommodate career personnel,” added Prather.

The fire department has been looking for land for approximately a year and a half.  Once the closing is complete, the fire department will move into the design phase and hope to start moving dirt sometime during the 4th quarter of 2020.

After Cherokee County citizens approved the referendum to implement the fire tax in 1998, many of the old stations have been modified to accommodate living quarters for career firefighters that are still being used today.

“The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners and County Manager, Jerry Cooper, continue to be very supportive on preparing for the future of Cherokee County Fire.  I am very grateful to have the support of the Board of Commissioners and approving the purchase of this land and hopefully soon, the construction of the new station,” stated Prather.

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